Hi there!
I am Tyler J. Rivenbark. I am a Personal Development Coach, Entrepreneur and Artist. My life focuses on the development of creative intelligence and helping clients become the best version of themselves.

At the core of my life I follow the red road. I am a Sundancer and have developed direct connections of learning, training, and supporting indigenous teachers and natural medicine from all over the world since I was very young. I am the co-founder of a community center in Lake Tahoe dedicated to offering healing to all who come in a good way.

My love for movement, flow, and peak performance have guided me to different wellness modalities that I now use with my clients. I am a certified Masters and Holo NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Marin Practitioner. I have also done the Alpha One: Neurofeedback Brain Training at the Biocybernaut Institute in Sedona, a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, and I am a certified Sports Performance Coach, Personal and TRX Trainer.

In addition to my coaching work, I have developed unique skillsets in the areas of Business, Design and Art. I have a DMBA in Strategic Foresight, and an MFA in Collaborative Design. I've been exposed to the art world all my life, which allowed me to creatively navigate the world and find innovative ways of expression. 2 years ago, I founded the Institute for Human Creativity, a non-profit with the mission to create social and environmental betterment through art + creativity.
I am passionate about human expression and through my work, I help clients navigate their lives with more creativity, and include more happiness and joy.
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