Hi there!
I am Tyler J. Rivenbark. Our work together will help you experience more of what you want in life, and help you naturally become more of the person you choose to be.

What would you like to experience? This is one of the central questions that I ask you and by diving deep into your desired experiences, you will resolve unwanted experiences & traumas, uncover unconscious blocks, and create patterns in your nervous system to naturally experience more of what you want in life.

If you want to uncover blind spots, understand your unique experience, patterning and experience how your physiology accesses unconscious information that stops you, then let's work together.
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-Uncover & heal conscious and unconscious trauma
-Receive all of the abundance, love, and happiness that is waiting for you
-Discovering your next steps in life & resolving undesired experiences
-Changing or healing deep family and personal patterns
-Resolve unconscious grievances with self and family
-Empowering your self to author the life you want
-Bringing more love & happiness into your life
-More Flow & Peak Performance in your life
-Improving your experience of relationships
-Professional Growth + Development
- Shifting Core Beliefs & Identity

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1:1 Healing & Consulting Container
Access to all my modalities and ways of working with me for 3 month minimum. Fully customised support to help you in what you need.
Men Circles & Healing Retreats
Monthly Healing Retreats at the Beauty Way Center
Peru Trip- Upcoming trip early November
Live Mentorship + Accelerator Program
Plato's Academy
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Free 15-minute consultation
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